Sunday, June 24, 2018




As I Jew I am very angry at the media use of Nazi tactics to impugn the
duly constitutionally elected President using tactics the Nazis used to try to
kill Democracy, Jews and the hearts and minds of the rest of the world.
 I am sick and tired of CNN, MSNBC, NBC Time Magazine,
the Washington Post and the goose stepping media marching, laughing, cracking jokes,
and telling outright lies about the President, his wife, kids and distorting the truth. 

The father of the girl in the photograph, though, said in a Thursday interview that

she was never separated from her mother. He said the child was only briefly kept

aside to allow border agents to conduct a pat-down of the parent. It was also reported

on Friday that the mother was deported in 2013, according to U.S. Immigration and

Customs Enforcement

Hollywood too has evidently drunk the Nazi media Kool - Aid. Peter Fonda, Robert De

Niro, Stephen Colbert,  Alex Baldwin, etc.

As a private detective with one eye on my bank account the the other eye on justice I determined early on that the scales of justice were tilted toward bank accounts, not            justice.  In the late 70’s early 80’s I turned my attention to the media and away from                the court system. I saw and see the justice system as a system ripe with racism, inequality,      and injustice. It is a system where  money talks, not right and wrong. I have a number               of clients in prison for a number of questionable convictions. According to the South     Carolina Department of Corrections Profile of Inmates in Institutional Count              (Including Inmates on Authorized Absence) as of June 30, 2017 there were 63% black    prisoners and 34% white prisoners. South Carolina’s population is 66% white. 

However, since the time of Walter Cronkite’s retirement  the media itself

has become entertainment, featuring opinion pieces slanted to political perspective not

facts and truth. The media is just a series of sitcoms. I decided, after reading an article

about retired Walter Cronkite sailing the east coast ( Cronkite and I had a Milford Yacht

Club  connection) to drop him a letter.. He talked of seeing his style of serious reporting

relegated to the back burner as Fluff Journalism was overtaking serious reporting. I saw

the same thing. Now things have only gotten worse.

The scales of Justice are weighed in dollars, not truth. In a free enterprise media

system the scales of justice are solely based on money.  Now, with the downfall of true media I see the need to tame these circus performers. This is a capitalist society, not a                socialist, fascist, or communist society. Economics is the only thing the business side of        media responds to. I want to open a dialogue with America. Let’s compile a list of       advertisers of media that don’t play fair with the news.  If we stop using their soap          powder, buying their cars, drinking their soda. or anything else these media outlets sell.          The business side of this media circus will shift back to real news and away from yellow  journalism.  If enough of us are tired of truth being replaced by media opinion pieces               for entertainment 

The same applies to businesses housed in countries that have trade deficits.

And and those that have decided to place high tariffs on us, such as China-  

FOX NEWS FIRST: China responds to Trump's $100B tariff threat-

This is a war on several fronts- Justice, Media, Hollywood, Trade Deficits.

If those of us that support Trump’s policies stand up and simply don’t buy into their

rhetoric things will return to truth, Justice, and the American Way that made us great

in the first place,   In every war we have to sacrifice. Your sacrifice will send an

important message to the goose stepping media, the countries with trade deficits,

and those in Hollywood that want to make Democracy and the Constitution a Joke..









Sunday, June 3, 2018

Gangs in America
By Howard ComenPrivate Investigator, Journalist

Guns, Fedoras and Capone Replaced by IT Guys and Drones

On our D.C. TV show last Friday (“Shades of Humanity: One Race, Different Shades”), my co-host, Ken McClenton, The Exceptional Conservative TV Show host, and I, his JFK liberal child of the ‘60s co-host, talked about gangs in D.C. and America. They ain’t your fedora-topped gat-packing 1920s era criminals. They have traded in those accoutrements for corporate America, with its IT people, accountants and drones. The bad guys and gals employ countermeasures equal to those learned from the Star Wars/Star Trek science of the future.

IT guys and gals infiltrate law enforcement with drones and hacking that would make Al Capone turn over in his bed of hot coals in hell. Cops on all levels - local, state and federal - have restraints from budgets, civil liberties, politics, and sanctuary cities. The Marquis of Queensberry rules apply to how cops go about protecting us. The bad guys have no rules, regulations, or confines. Their money supply is literally endless as they pay no taxes, and there are no regulations that they abide by. If they need money to buy AK-47s, they steal it from you and me; we are the bank for this new breed of criminal entrepreneur.

Drones have become a huge advantage for gangs:

Surveillance - They fly drones around law enforcement facilities and record who goes in and out. Undercover cops are uncovered. Informants are identified and cut into little pieces and used as bail for the fishes.

Countersurveillance - When they hear of an undercover operation, according to Special Agent Joe Mazel as reported by the Washington Times, gangs compromised officers on a Hostage Rescue Team by buzzing their location with drones and dive bombing the agents, flushing them out.

Smuggling - Forget tunnels and human mules. Drones can fly drugs anywhere; it’s tough to pinpoint location coming or going. Sometimes they deploy explosives to the drones making law enforcement targets.

Enabling Foreign Governments to steal our secrets - Recently the Department of Defense banned drones from the DJls company of China for use by law enforcement. According to the NY Times, these drones have metadata that can easily send sensitive infrastructure information to China.

Hackers - IT bad guys and gals collect data and even control law enforcement drones compromising investigations and even crashing the good guys’ drones. The gang can then retrieve the SD memory card and compromise the investigation.

What do we do about it? Law enforcement drones need to be encrypted so investigations aren’t compromised; and Congress needs stricter laws, regulations, and policies beyond FAA Part 107.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

They’re Not God
By Howard Comen

The silent majority/the forgotten Americans are fed up with millionaire entertainers and athletes shaping our society - in a very negative way - with their leftist socialist agendas, hateful, violent behavior in the streets as well as on the silver screen.  We are the ones who support them.  We go to their movies, we root for them at their games, we buy their products and are “gaga” over everything they do.  However, our recent boycotts are hitting them hard in the only place that matters to them - their pocketbooks - with the NFL’s low attendance, falling box office receipts, low awards shows’ viewership and more.

Arguably it began when the curtain was pulled back on the great Oz called Hollywood with the many allegations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein who was arraigned in court on Friday.  Big Hollywood “stars” and half the world of entertainment not only embraced him but worshipped him.  Meryl Streep once called Weinstein a “God.” Weinstein’s excuse, according to sleazy lawyer, Benjamin Brafman: "Harvey Weinstein did not invent the casting couch in Hollywood." Nor did Hitler invent genocide, you moron!

Morgan Freeman, whose role as God in one movie has since had his Hollywood-invented popularity rewarded with wealth and fame, many endorsement deals, playing God in documentaries and more, has shown his true colors - first by apologizing for theallegations against him and now retracting them.  Well, the advertising industry doesn’t like it and many have fired “God” as his endorsement deals are going up in smoke.  Even “God” is not getting by with such behind-the-scenes behavior.

The bad behavior is not confined to Hollywood. The cesspool extends from New York with political heavyweight Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman, through Academia with University of Southern California president Max Nikias stepping down amid reports of a gynecologist accused of abuse. The list goes on and on: Bill Cosby, Ed Westwick, Kevin Spacey, Ben Affleck, FNC’s Bill O'Reilly and so many more have been exposed for their sexual exploitation. The Times reported on some 122 celebrities accused of sexual misconduct since the Weinstein allegations went public.

But we’re fighting back by not caving in to the values touted by these entertainers.  Real America - grassroots Americans - is starting to make a difference. We’re no longer tolerating millionaire athletes disrespecting our flag and national anthem at gamesWE support.  We will no longer let them be our golden calves - to build their golden homes, ride in their liberal limousines, fly in their golden planes - by buying in to such idolatry.   We’re recognizing today’s O.J. Simpsons before they get away with murder and become huge celebrities.  We’re seeing their character for what it’s worth - NOW as true American citizens who love our country, our flag and respect our troops who make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom of speech.  Americans are shouting from the mountaintops - from sea to shining sea - “We will no longer worship entertainers and athletes!”  We’re showing them once and for all: THEY’RE NOT GOD!

Friday, May 18, 2018


Collapsing Infrastructure Hits Home... Again

By Howard Comen, Private Investigator, Journalist

One of President Trump’s campaign promises was to revamp America’s infrastructure - rebuilding roads, bridges and airports.  As a master international builder of great buildings, he promised the “infrastructure of tomorrow.” “Our roads and bridges are falling apart,” Trump said as he accepted the GOP nomination. “We will build the roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, airports and the railways of tomorrow. This, in turn, will create millions of more jobs.”

During the debates, Trump compared the "incredible airports" in Dubai, Qatar and China to less impressive ones in the U.S. "Our airports are like from a third world country," he said, calling out LAX and New York City's three international airports: LaGuardia, John F. Kennedy and Newark.

Since then, a pedestrian bridge in Miami collapsed, killing six people. Did it crack when it was lifted into place? Was it a snapping steel support that did it in? Or was it a fatally flawed design from the start? And what was the doomed construction crew member doing when the bridge buckled under him?

This week, Charleston, South Carolina’s Wando Bridge on Interstate 526, was shut down Monday for emergency repairs - the bridge was designed by FIGG Bridge Group, the same engineering firm that designed the pedestrian bridge that collapsed and killed six people in Miami. The Wando Bridge, formally known as the James Burrow Edwards Bridge, was constructed in the late 1980s-early 1990s.

Having worked extensively back in 1989, on investigating the the twenty-six mile half a billion-dollar (in 1989 dollars) Mark Clark Expressway separating Mount Pleasant from Downtown, West Ashley, and North Charleston which has been, for all intents and purposes, shut down, I know a thing or two about this topic. When this boondoggle was first built, and I was looking for a missing bridge inspector, Governor Campbell sent word to me, along with 5,000 pages of Highway Department contracts, soil boring plats and assorted other information that I was on my own with my investigation, that the Highway Department was autonomous and beyond anyone's control. 

The FBI knew the soil borings were not driven to the required depth. We told them. They knew that the TFL material separating the roadbed was substandard at certain sections. We told them. Except for Senator Passailaigue, everyone ignored the facts. Business as usual.

Once again, the Wando Bridge is collapsing because of corruption, incompetence, selfishness, money grubbing highway contractors, lawmakers, and state and federal law enforcement that make the Keystone Cops look competent.  I only hope an investigation will reveal the truth once and for all.  How many more people have to die because of our collapsing infrastructure?  We spend trillions of dollars every year rebuilding other countries; can’t we spend a few bucks on our own.


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Where have you gone Walter Cronkite? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

That's the way it was Friday March 6th 1981
This is the way it is Saturday April 21st 2018.

What you labeled Fluff Journalism in our 1984
correspondences has morphed into Pluff Mud
Journalism. The White House is under siege by the left,
Democrats, MSNBC, CNN, The New YorkTimes, and
The Washington Post. Stories of Trump as a Pawn of
Russia and alleged unverified salacious sexual exposes
take precedence over North Korea wanting to meet South
Korea and the US after 70 years of wartime rhetoric.
An economy bringing employment to all races, tax
reductions, and and a stock market reaching new heights
are ignored  

Facts do  not matter. Only opinion without facts skewered
to political perspective. The very protection of We The
People, the FBI, uses unverified incomplete innuendo
instead of cold hard fact to indict. It now utilizes
investigations financed by political party as legal
justification to go to the super secret Fisa Court to
violate a slew of constitutional protections based on
innuendo and investigations financed by political party.
The top level of the FBI based on texts between FBI
lovers is out to get Trump. The former Directors of the
FBI and CIA, lie to the public and the Congress and tip
the scales of justice for political expediency.

Do the FBI agents wear brown shirts? With SS insignias
on their collars? Whats next? Kristallnacht? Have
Republicans and Trump been added to Jews as the causes of

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Image result for we the peopleImage result for comey

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

"We the people"( not we the King, Not We the President, Not We the Congress, and Not We the Supreme Court. No We the Comey).

Every time Comey swears he is swearing to us and at  us, not for himself. That fine Tall man suit, your home and the food you and your family eat comes from money WE paid you. You worked for us. AS FBI Director you had access to information about each of us WE GAVE YOU ACCESS TO. You have chosen to use your position to release certain information UNSUBSTANTIATED to deride and slander salaciously the person WE elected to run the country FOR US. I WANT MY MONEY BACK.

All moneys you receive from your position in the FBI and receive from your book or anything else stemming from you work at the FBI needs to be returned to the Treasury.   

Sunday, April 1, 2018


Three wise men once followed a star from Heaven. The star brought with it new ideas for humanity. The star brought the idea of turn the other cheek, instead of an eye for an eye. Love your neighbor, and wash the feet of others. The three stood on what St. Catherine of Sienna referred to as  the bridge between heaven and earth.

The world was filled with hatred, greed, and jealousy. The Three wise men addressed those that gathered in the square. I imagine them addressing the 100,000 men and women gathered in Arabic, Polish, and Tibetan.  The year was 1999. The three Wise men were Pope John Paul 11, The Dalai Lama, and Imam W.D. Mohammed.

In 2018, though the foundation for a shift from interfaith war to interfaith cooperation still exists the world just did not seem to see what the three wise men saw from the Heavens.  The world remains stuck in a trench war mentality pitting faith against special interest. My God is better, more powerful than your God. The world has become a Tower of Babel once again with faiths trying to climb over faiths to capture Heaven.  

Could we see a return to three wise men standing on that Bridge to Heaven once again? Could it be 10 Wise Men and 10 Wise Women standing on this Bridge this time? If no knowledge is learned, it is recognized, might such a meeting, a divine dialogue, open the eyes of the world?

Bloomberg recently reported that you met with a group of Rabbis and Priests in New York in a rare interfaith gesture. Would be interested in opening up to an interfaith, interracial, intergender, intertribal, and interethnic worldwide dialogue? Could your efforts reflect a new generational change recognizing the fact that we are “One Race, just different Shades" ?   

The Dalai Lama is the only living survivor of the group I saw straightening out humanity. The others are here in their spirits that dwell in their followers. A friend asked me to write about it. I decided to write it directly to you.

Would you consider rekindling the efforts of these  men, and the men, women, boys, and girls who realize adversaries need to turn the other cheek. Perhaps Charleston South Carolina. The Holy City,  could host a continuation of the dialogue you began in New York? Perhaps it is time we “Let Go and Let God”. If Humanity walked over this Bridge to Heaven I feel confident the Angels will meet us halfway.

Sincerely,Howard Gerald Comen