Sunday, April 1, 2018


Three wise men once followed a star from Heaven. The star brought with it new ideas for humanity. The star brought the idea of turn the other cheek, instead of an eye for an eye. Love your neighbor, and wash the feet of others. The three stood on what St. Catherine of Sienna referred to as  the bridge between heaven and earth.

The world was filled with hatred, greed, and jealousy. The Three wise men addressed those that gathered in the square. I imagine them addressing the 100,000 men and women gathered in Arabic, Polish, and Tibetan.  The year was 1999. The three Wise men were Pope John Paul 11, The Dalai Lama, and Imam W.D. Mohammed.

In 2018, though the foundation for a shift from interfaith war to interfaith cooperation still exists the world just did not seem to see what the three wise men saw from the Heavens.  The world remains stuck in a trench war mentality pitting faith against special interest. My God is better, more powerful than your God. The world has become a Tower of Babel once again with faiths trying to climb over faiths to capture Heaven.  

Could we see a return to three wise men standing on that Bridge to Heaven once again? Could it be 10 Wise Men and 10 Wise Women standing on this Bridge this time? If no knowledge is learned, it is recognized, might such a meeting, a divine dialogue, open the eyes of the world?

Bloomberg recently reported that you met with a group of Rabbis and Priests in New York in a rare interfaith gesture. Would be interested in opening up to an interfaith, interracial, intergender, intertribal, and interethnic worldwide dialogue? Could your efforts reflect a new generational change recognizing the fact that we are “One Race, just different Shades" ?   

The Dalai Lama is the only living survivor of the group I saw straightening out humanity. The others are here in their spirits that dwell in their followers. A friend asked me to write about it. I decided to write it directly to you.

Would you consider rekindling the efforts of these  men, and the men, women, boys, and girls who realize adversaries need to turn the other cheek. Perhaps Charleston South Carolina. The Holy City,  could host a continuation of the dialogue you began in New York? Perhaps it is time we “Let Go and Let God”. If Humanity walked over this Bridge to Heaven I feel confident the Angels will meet us halfway.

Sincerely,Howard Gerald Comen

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