Saturday, November 30, 2019


by H. G Comen

The foundation of the United States of America is the Iroquois Confederacy. Ben Franklin recognize
it’s value as did South Carolina’s John Rutledge, the Chair of the drafting committee of the
Constitutional Convention. It is my goal to revisit this fact and bring current academics,
clergy and the Indigenous Peoples together to find the truth in each other and greet the 400th
anniversary of the landing at Plymouth Rock with a New Beginning for the next 400 years.

I plan on serializing my adventure to raise awareness of this fact and how I came to the realization
that, perhaps, my client resides in the Heavens. It is my hope that this adventure will lead me to the
100 thousand dollars needed to help bring the Great Council of Iroquois Elders together once more.. 

Some seek God, Some seek Riches, I was seeking the later when I tripped over the former. I was no
angel. I was immersed in material concerns inherited in humanity since Adam and Eve met the snake
in the Garden of Eden. Power politics and the quest for wealth consumed me. I was a sucker for a
sob story or a pretty face. 

It was 1988. I was in my Ashley River Rd Charleston SC smoking a pipe watching the cars scurry by
my window back and forth to work, holiday shopping, and school, waiting for my phone to ring to
launch my next adventure and bring my bank balance out of negative numbers.  Although a
materialist I always recognized something special from November to January. Good Will toward man
seemed to replace Kill. Charity replaced the quest for fame, fortune and the selfishness of man.
I noticed that women rarely reacted out of selfish needs.

I propped my feet up on my grandfather's bookcase desk and picked up the Charleston Newspaper,
took a few puffs, and was struck by a news article written by my friend from my College Days, Eddie
Fennel. A missing bridge inspector’s daughter refused to go to school as no one was helping find
Ralph Terry Griggs, her dad. My oldest son was about the Griggs girl’s age. I had hoped someone
would try to find me if I disappeared.  I called Eddie and a few days later my youngest son Casey
and I were meeting the wife of Ralph Terry Griggs.

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